Peacemaker Episode 5 – “Monkey Dory”

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Peacemaker episode five, titled Monkey Dory, is whole hell of a lot of fun. It deals with a lot of the lingering storylines while also adding more kinks to the already messy mission. After the ending of the previous episode, you’re waiting for that reveal to be learned by other characters, which is how this episode ends and that happens in a comical way. That reveal is tied into the mission at the center of the episode. That mission and the conspiracy that was started by John Economos with Auggie Smith are the main through lines for the episode.

Dee Bradley Baker gets to do a lot of fun stuff in this episode particularly. Eagly is adorable in this episode, which is mix of both Baker and the CG studio that makes him. Baker also gets to voice a gorilla that appears in the episode. All of the principal characters get a lot of fun character moments. There is character growth that feels nice. I also want to say that Rosemary Rodriguez is fantastic as the director of this episode.

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