Something is Killing the Children Vol 3

Something is Killing the Children Vol. 3: Tynion IV, James, Dell'Edera,  Werther: 9781684157075: Books

Something is Killing the Children vol 3 might be the volume that has wowed me the least out of the three so far, but with as amazing as the first two volumes were that’s completely understandable. The art that ties both Werther Dell’edra’s illustrations and Miquel Muerto’s colors together just continues to be fantastic. The distinct style mixes with the color to make the art flow easily but also make you feel the emotions of the characters.

James Tynion IV’s writing continues to expand the mythology for the world that he’s created in this series. You learn more about not only House of Slaughter but also the Order of St. George. You also learn more about monsters in this volume. This does feel like the end of the story arc and I’m not sure where everything is headed after this. It ends open ended and it could go anywhere after this.

Something is Killing the Children vol 3 is another good addition to the already fantastic comic series. I know that there’s one more volume after this one and after that I don’t know if there will be anymore. I don’t really know anything about volume four except that I will be reading it. I give Vol 3 of Something is Killing the Children 7.5 possessed octopus toys out of 10.

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