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I’m finishing up with my catch up from last year with another movie that I wanted to see in theaters but never go to.  Last Night in Soho was on my radar as soon as it was announced because of Edgar Wright. I’ve been a huge fan of his ever since Shaun of the Dead and I’ve enjoyed all of his movies that I’ve seen. I think this might be his most visually striking movie yet.

The way Wright and cinematographer Chung-hoon Chung work together in this movie bring colors to the screen in a way that invokes Italian Giallo movies. The only time that the use of color doesn’t do that is when it involves blood, because the blood is a darker red rather than a bright one. Wright and Krysty Wilson-Cairns bring the story that Wright originally had to the screen in a way that makes it hard to look away. Saying that this is just a ghost story doesn’t do the movie justice.

Thomasin McKenzie carries a lot of this movie on her young shoulders, and she does so with surprising ease. McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy both have performances that are breathtaking. Not only that but they can take the look from the 60s in the movie and look like they were plucked out of that time. They’re supported by Matt Smith, Michael Ajao, Terence Stamp, and Diana Rigg. This was Diana Riggs last role, and what a role it is. Matt Smith has moved past his goofy persona that he had from being The Doctor in Doctor Who and he has such a sinister air to him in this role. Michael Ajao is a joy as the love interest. He’s an incredibly charismatic actor.

The effects in the movie are top notch. I don’t want to give anything away but I didn’t find anything too jarring, at least not in a way that took me out of the movie. The costume and set designers did an amazing job especially when it came to the 60s set stuff. This has a lot of needle drops, much like a lot of Edgar Wright movies but these make sense for not only the story but also the characters. The score from Steven Price is outstanding.

Last Night in Soho is a breathtaking movie that will leave you guessing until the very end. My best recommendation for the movie is to go in knowing as little as possible. I only saw the first trailer for it and it actually revealed enough for me to have a different idea of what’s going on than what is actually happening. I give Last Night in Soho 9.5 fabric shears out of 10.

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