Peacemaker Episode 4

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Episode four of Peacemaker deals with the fallout of what happened in episode three. It also has the title of “The Choad Less Traveled” We learn that Auggie Smith’s nickname of White Dragon isn’t just a nickname but his supervillain name. You see his intimidating uniform in the same room where Peacemaker gets his helmets. That’s one of the biggest things we learn in the first half of the episode.

The relationship between Adebayo and Peacemaker kind of deepens, even though she tries to manipulate Vigilante to kill Peacemaker’s father while he was in jail. This adds another wrinkle to the operation, since Auggie tries to inform on his son and the operation. We see a little flashback of Peacemaker’s childhood. The episode ends with another reveal that will have an interesting effect on the second half of the season.

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