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I continue on with my catchup from last year with another movie that I heard a lot about when it was initially released as well as some continued buzz months after. Pig is so much more that what I had heard it described as. I had originally heard it described as John Wick but for the Oregon high dining community. The two movies do share a tiny bit of basic plot, as they both deal with characters that have left a life behind but have to go back to that life in some way.

Michael Sarnoski makes a hell of an impact with his directorial debut. The fact that he has such a grasp on what works for a movie. He has a handle on the ins and outs of the fine dining community. He’s also able to bring out fantastic performances from the cast.

This is the kind of performance from Nicolas Cage that makes you remember that he’s won several awards, including an Oscar. I’ve heard Cage mentioned as an awards contender for his role. He’s supported by Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin, and Gretchen Corbett. Wolff and Cage have an interesting relationship in the film. They have a father/son kind of relationship as well as business partners. Arkin is used sparingly but when he’s on screen he’s menacing. The music by Alexis Grapsas and Philip Klein is subtle but fantastic.

Pig is a hell of a movie that I think you should watch if you haven’t yet. I don’t want to say anything else about the plot or the movie outside of what I’ve already said. While I think Nicolas Cage should be nominated because of this role but most awards don’t care about anything that’s even vaguely genre. You can stream Pig on Hulu. I give Pig 10 pigs out of 10.

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