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I’m still trying to do a little bit of a catchup with some of the horror movies from last year. This time I go to a Shudder exclusive that I heard buzz about when it first came out. Son was a good movie that came out last year, but kind of got lost in the shuffle of horror movie market. I honestly think that this cements Andi Matichak as a scream queen of sorts. She ended up having a good year last year, with Halloween Kills coming out much later in the year.

Ivan Kavanagh is someone that I didn’t know before this movie. He did a great job as writer and director. The other main actors in the movie are Emile Hirsch and Luke David Blumm. Blumm is a young actor that has to do some intense stuff in this role. Hirsch is the most grounded character of the three leads. All three of the leads do well with what they have to do in Son.

There’s some high quality SFX in the movie, but sadly isn’t shown on camera much. The makeup for the demon looks very interesting what little it is shown. The plus the sound design make the scenes with it even more memorable. Aza Hand did the music for Son and the music is fantastic.

Son is a solid horror movie that has an interesting mystery running throughout. Shudder continues to have great exclusives. Both Matichak and Blumm are standouts and deserve to be talked about, especially with Blumm being so young. You can stream Son exclusively on Shudder. I give Son 8 station wagons out of 10.

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