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No Time to Die is a fantastic Bond movie. I could have seen them being done with this version of Bond after the end of Spectre, but this feels even more final to the entirety of the Bond franchise as a whole. This was most definitely the end of Daniel Craig’s Bond but it feels like it would be a fitting end for the Bond franchise. If this does end up being the last Bond film, even for just a while it ends on a high note. It finally got released after being pushed back by the pandemic as well as a shakeup with the original director and writer.

Cary Joji Fukunaga directs No Time to Die. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade return as writers with Fukunaga and Phoebe Waller-Bridge also writing. Purvis, Wade, and Fukunaga being credited with the story as well. Danny Boyle and John Hodge were originally attached but left because of creative differences. I had forgotten that Fukunaga had been chosen as the director after that. I do remember seeing Waller-Bridge being brought on to tighten up the script to improve the women in the movie.

Daniel Craig rounds out his tenure as Bond on a high note. Léa Seydoux continues to look like she would fit right in any old movie. The cast is rounded out by Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Christoph Waltz, and Ralph Fiennes. The returning supporting cast is mostly underutilized if I may say so. Jeffrey Wright makes a welcome return to the series after only being mentioned in the last movie. Lashana Lynch is very good in her role. Rami Malek might be my least favorite Bond villain, and that includes Greene from Quantum of Solace. He doesn’t quite have the presence as Christoph Waltz or Javier Bardem and the voice he uses is awkward. This is a movie that I feel deserves a better villain.

As a mild spoiler, which may or may not have been already announced, this rounds out the Daniel Craig Bond quintology. It picks up shortly after Spectre with Bond and Dr. Swann deciding how they’ll spend their life together. Swann wants Bond to have some closure about what happened to Vesper Lynd but there’s an attack that causes there to be a rift between the two. The plot jumps forward five years with Bond being retired in Jamaica and being contact by Felix Leiter about helping the CIA on a mission. This leads Bond to come out of retirement and go on his final mission.

The stunt team that worked on this movie continue the fantastic work that was in the previous movies. The car stunts in this movie are pretty wild. The use of CG in the movie is fantastic. I’m pretty sure there was extensive use of practical effects on Rami Malek. It’s very subtle and you can barely tell that its there. I also think there were practical effects for Blofeld’s injuries, but I’m not entirely sure. Hans Zimmer did the score for the movie. The music is what you would expect from Zimmer. The Bond song was done by Billie Eilish. This is a much better song than the Sam Smith song from Spectre, but it didn’t get me hyped for the movie.

No Time to Die is a fantastic movie and a fitting end for a Bond. I don’t know what they have planned for the Bond franchise after this, but I feel like they should take it in a different direction. Maybe they just let the franchise rest for a little while. Maybe even let there be some video games be made. I give No Time to Die 9.5 stuffed bunnies out of 10.

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