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Skyfall is probably the Daniel Craig Bond movie that I’ve seen the most. We seemingly get a much older Bond than we have had in the previous two movies. We don’t know how much time has passed since the previous movie but Bond is no longer a new agent and carries himself like someone that’s been doing the job for years. The way he carries himself throughout the movie shows this is a Bond that’s more sure of himself both in and out of a fight.

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade return as writers in Skyfall with John Logan joining this time. Sam Mendes is the director this go round. Having most of the writers from the previous movies helps it feel more inline with them. You feel like Bond is the same person that experienced everything in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. The new writer helps it stay fresh and lets the new elements mix well with the established parts.

Daniel Craig and Judi Dench return as James Bond and M respectively. Dench’s M is the sassiest she’s been in these movies. There’s a sense of sadness to her in this movie. You feel like everything from the previous movies as well as everything that’s gone on between movies has just piled on her and its weighing on her heavily. Craig’s Bond is a much more seasoned version of the character than we’ve seen. He’s not as outwardly angry and more in control, which comes from being more experienced. Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, and Naomie Harris are all welcome additions to the cast.

The story of Skyfall is just as much about M as it is James Bond. There are elements/characters missing from the series that are added back in this movie, mostly Q and Q-Branch along with Miss Moneypenny. Some of the discussion in the movie about MI6 being outdated I’m sure comes from some people thinking that way about why James Bond movies are still being made. M’s response to those remarks is the most perfect response that there could have been. Raoul Silva is the most straightforward villain that Bond has faced so far. He’s acting for himself and wants nothing more than revenge. The movies does end with a major change for the franchise. This also has one of the best Bond songs with “Skyfall”. Out of all of the songs so far it holds up the best.

Skyfall was an instant classic when it came out and it still feels that way. The Bond franchise bounced back from the stumble of the previous movie. I feel like the Craig Bond movies recovered completely with this movie. I give Skyfall 10 Komodo dragons out of 10.

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