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Quantum of Solace is an outlier when it comes to the entire Bond franchise. There are several things that set it apart, which I was told from someone more versed in the franchise than myself. The fact that it starts almost immediately after the end of the previous movie is something that was new for the franchise. That also means that there’s actually a connection to the previous movie, which is another first for the franchise. Like I mentioned Casino Royale was the first Bond movie I watched all the way through. So, I had thought it was common since I knew that the character of Jaws had been in multiple movies.

It was a drastic change from Casino Royale. The through line between the two comes from the two movies sharing all of the same writers. This helped it continue the change that James Bond started during the first movie. It does have a different visual style which comes from Marc Forster directing this movie. While it seems to be violent than the previous movie Quantum of Solace is paced in such a way that it feels much longer than it actually is.

Daniel Craig returns as does a few others from Casino Royale. Among them is Judi Dench, who returns as M. The new cast includes Olga Kurylenko and Mathieu Amalric. Judi Dench is so much fun to watch as M. She takes no one’s crap and can give it easily. She also really seems to care about Bond, which Bond reciprocates in his own special way. Craig’s Bond continues to evolve in the movie. The growth that began in Casino Royale finishes up, which leaves us with a different character going forward. Amalric gave us a very different Bond villain, which kind of fell flat when it came out. That along with the plot being different than other Bond movies, which is another reason Quantum of Solace was and is so disliked.

The stunt team continued the amazing work that was done in the previous movie. I don’t know if it was made with the same team, but they did an amazing job. The score was done by David Arnold again, and he did a fantastic job. The song for the movie doesn’t really hit like it did. I feel like it’s a letdown, but that could just be my thoughts on the song.

Quantum of Solace isn’t the best Bond movie, but it does set the rest of the Daniel Craig Bond movies up. This is the only Craig Bond movie that isn’t great. It has moments but as a whole it tried to do a lot of things that didn’t land. I give Quantum of Solace 7 cans of oil out of 10.

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