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Venom works really well as buddy comedy. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a more serious movie but it works incredibly well as a buddy comedy. I had seen about half of the movie previously, so I decided to watch the entire movie. I got it as part of a Spider-Man movie collection. I had some hesitancy because of the connection Venom has to Spider-Man in the comics and this being a solo movie.

I was never really that big of a Venom guy. The black Spider-Man suit isn’t one of my favorite alternate suits. I do know that this movie started being thought of after Spider-Man 3 where Venom first appeared on the big screen, as did the black suit. With how messy the Spider-Man movies have been I’m sure they decided that it would better to make a movie disconnected from that character completely.

The creative team credited for the movie have quite the varied filmography. The director has a lot of comedy including both Zombieland movies. The writers worked on Fringe, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Kangaroo Jack among other things. I think the various influences helped make the movie a lot more interesting story wise than it was visually.

The plot for Venom takes what I remember as the origin of the symbiote from the Spider-Man cartoon from the 90s as well as the origin from Spider-Man 3. Thought it does all of that while leaving out the Spider-Man bits. Eddie Brock is a hard-nosed investigative journalist working for a cable news station. He runs afoul of the Life Foundation after an interview with Carlton Drake. Eddie and Venom eventually become bonded and they have an interesting relationship. Venom is kind of an asshole. He’s the kind of friend that gets someone into trouble. The movie ends with a ridiculous fight. There’s a midcredits scene that teases a sequel.

The CG effects for the symbiotes is really good. That goes doubly so for when they make themselves jut out to talk to their hosts. The designs for when the symbiotes are a bit too samey for my liking but that’s just the comic book nerd in me being nitpicky. Ludwig Göransson did the score, and it does a great job of setting the mood. I also want to mention the song that Eminem did for the movie, which is not something that happens nowadays.

Venom is a fun buddy action comedy. This is definitely a popcorn movie that you need to shut off your brain for. The midcredits scene is one of the most groan inducing moments in the entire movie. If you want a dumb fun movie you can watch this and be satisfied. I would give Venom 7 bags of tater tots out of 10.

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