Hawkeye Finale and Thoughts

Hawkeye' Review: The Disney+ Marvel Show That Feels The Most Like Television

The title for Hawkeye’s finale is So This is Christmas? and it wraps up the story well. It also sets things up for the continuation of the MCU. It all basically all takes place during the Bishop holiday party. The LARPers get in on the action as well as Jack getting to channel his comic counterpart. There’s a big action sequence in the rink at Rockefeller Center.

There’s finally an amount of closure between Clint and Yelena. I feel like they left it open for Yelena and Kate to be friends, much like Clint and Natasha. Any time that Yelena and Kate are together you can’t help but enjoy it. It also sets up the Echo series with how it ends. I can’t believe that they already killed off Kingpin, because there’s so much more that they could do with the character.

I feel like the show did several things well. This served as a proper eulogy for Natasha since she was barely mourned in Endgame. Clint got to mourn her a little bit, but for the most part it was about Iron Man. This also gave Clint the lead after being in the periphery in most things. He did serve a major part in Endgame, but even then he didn’t get much to do. I look forward to seeing more MCU Disney + series.

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