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Hawkeye episode 4


Hawkeye episode 4 continues to tell the complicated story of Clint Barton. The name of the episode is “Partners, Am I Right?”. It picks right up where the previous episode left off and just keeps the plot moving without letting off the gas. After everything is resolved in Kate’s mother’s penthouse, which includes a veiled threat against Clint’s children. Clint calls his wife to do some digging about the tracksuits and their higher ups.

Kate ends up spending the night with Clint because he’s alone on the holidays. They continue to bond but Kate figures out that Clint was Ronin. Clint tells Kate that he found out that the tracksuits are connected to Jack, her mother’s fiancé. Clint tries to reason with Kazi and through him Maya, and while that happens Kate tries to get trick arrow shafts with help from the LARPers from the first episode. Clint and Kate break into an apartment building that has the Rolex from the first episode. Both are attacked, Maya attacks Kate in the apartment and Clint is attacked by a masked person. All four end up on the rooftop and the masked person is Yelena Belova. The episode ends with Clint turning Kate away because he doesn’t want hurt to get hurt.

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