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I’ve been a Hawkeye guy since he was reintroduced as Ronin in the New Avengers. My introduction to him was The Avengers: United They Stand cartoon from the late 90s. His reintroduction was also my introduction to Kate Bishop, the other Hawkeye. I became a fan of her almost immediately because she didn’t take any guff from anyone. Since both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop were in the Hawkeye comic series as well as the new Hawkeye Disney+ show I wanted to go ahead and read the comic series that they were basing a lot of the show off of.

The creative team behind most of Hawkeye was Matt Fraction and David Aja. There were pick up issues by Javier Pulido, Steve Lieber, Jesse Hamm, and Francesco Francavilla. The changes in artists are drastic like they can be whenever there’s a change in artist. I was a huge fan of what Matt Fraction did in The Immortal Iron Fist so I had a feeling that I would enjoy his work with another hero that I like. Aja’s interesting use of panels and color is one of the reasons that this series is such an easy read. The way that whole pages have a color scheme helps you be able to read them. The way that Fraction works together with each of the artists to tell the stories of each issue is always interesting. The issue in which the story is told from Lucky’s point of view is one of if not the most original storytelling device I’ve seen in comics in a long time.

The first two volumes of Hawkeye are titled My Life as a Weapon and Little Hits. My Life as a Weapon is the first volume, and the first three issues have a lot that was used in the first three episodes of Hawkeye the show. Issue three even has a car chase like in episode three of the show. You get a feel of what Clint Barton the man is like rather than Clint Barton the Avenger. Little Hits is mostly just dealing with Clint’s continual mess of a life, which he somehow continues to mess up. He even ends up driving Kate away, who also take Lucky when she leaves. Little Hits also ends with the introduction of Kazi the mime assassin, or I think he’s a mime.

Hawkeye Vol. 1 & 2 are incredibly fun superhero comics. When I can find them, I plan on getting the rest of the Hawkeye run that Fraction and Aja did. I think this series did a lot to endear people to Clint Barton because I don’t think he was that many peoples favorite anything. I give Hawkeye Vol. 1 & 2 9 grills out of 10.

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