Something is Killing the Children Volume 1

Something is Killing the Children Vol. 1: Tynion IV, James, Dell'Edera,  Werther: 9781684155583: Books

Something is Killing the Children is an amazing horror comic. I learned about it through the YouTube channel called Comic Tropes. He covered it and intrigued me greatly. I don’t have much experience with horror comics but I’m working on getting more into them. This comic has ensnared me and I plan on reading the other trades.

Something is Killing the Children was created by James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’edera, and Miquel Muerto. While I’ve not read any of Tynion’s other comics, but I know that he’s been writing Batman comics. Both Dell’edera and Muerto work together as artist and colorist to have some incredibly dynamic actions scenes as well as monsters that are creepy. The creative team have made something that’s so incredibly original not just in horror comics but just comics in general that is enthralling.

The plot centers on James as he deals with being the only survivor of a slaughter that killed all of his friends. They live in a small town and after the slaughter James not only has to deal with survivor’s guilt but also harassment because of his sexuality. Erica Slaughter comes to the town and causes a stir by asking about the large amount of missing and dead children. You discover that she’s a monster hunter and was sent to kill whatever it is that is killing the children. As the trade ends, she discovers that there’s more going on in the town than she or her organization could have imagined.

There are only three trades out for Something is Killing the Children right now. There is a fourth coming out in January 2022. I cannot recommend this comic enough especially if you’re wanting an interesting horror comic. I will give the first trade for Something is Killing the Children 10 bandanas out of 10.

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