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The Night Before is a lot of fun. When it was coming out I saw the trailer and it looked like an interesting take on a Christmas comedy. After watching it, I feel like The Night Before could be added to anyone’s yearly viewing. This definitely goes for people that want to see a nontraditional Christmas movie that still feels like a Christmas movie. Which is an interesting thing for a nontraditional Christmas movie to do.

The Night Before was directed by Jonathan Levine. It was written by Levine, Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, and Evan Goldberg with story by Levine as well. Hunter and Shaffir have worked on other things that I’ve not seen. I’ve seen a few of Levine’s other movies. I’ve also seen some of Goldberg’s other movies too. I’m a big fan of Levine’s other movie with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 50/50.

This cast is pretty wild and its cool to see how big some people have gotten in the last 6 years. The Night Before stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, Lizzy Caplan, Jillian Bell, Mindy Kaling, and Michael Shannon. The main three in the cast are so fun to watch. Seth Rogen might be the most fun to watch, with his character having a trip through most of the movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie get to do some heavy lifting when it comes to dramatic stuff. All three get to have dramatic moments but with Rogen all of it is tinged with the comedy of what his character is dealing with. I had no idea Michael Shannon was in the movie and he’s a fun addition to the cast.

The Night Before is centered on Christmas Eve. It centers on three friends Ethan, Chris, and Isaac as they begin what they plan on being the last time doing a seasonal tradition. The tradition began after Ethan’s parents die in a car accident. The three eventually learn of an exclusive Christmas party called the Nutcracker Ball, but they are never able to find it. After fourteen years they plan on ending the tradition. Chris and Isaac have moved on with their lives with Chris being a famous football player and Isaac is married with a baby on the way. Ethan discovers three tickets to the Nutcracker Ball. This leads the trio to do their traditional Christmas Eve activities before going to the exclusive party. The three friends struggle with what comes up throughout the night.

The costume design is a lot of fun in the movie. The Christmas sweaters and well I guess Hannukah sweater add a lot of Christmas flavor for the movie. I don’t know if they’re actual sweaters that you can buy in a store or if they were made for the movie, that’s what makes them so fun. The production design is a lot of fun as well. The design of the Nutcracker Ball looks like an over-the-top Christmas party. The music by Marco Belltrami and Miles Hankins is cool. The score is festive and a lot of fun.

The Night Before is the most Christmas like nontraditional Christmas movie that I’ve seen. Some of the jokes don’t land all that well, but what jokes do land are absolutely hilarious. I don’t really know how this is not talked about by people during the holidays. I give The Night Before 8 Red Bull Limos out of 10.

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