Hawkeye Episode 3

Hawkeye (TV Mini Series 2021) - IMDb

This episode of Hawkeye is amazing. The is titled “Echoes” and it makes full use of the title before the title pops up. You get a quick introduction to Echo in the MCU. You get to see that she’s a force of nature and you see why she was looking for Ronin in the previous episode. You get to see the big action scene from the trailers in this episode, and its just as entertaining in the trailer. The episode ends with yet another potential swerve. I continue to look forward to each new episode.

I do want to mention who the Uncle that is mentioned several times during the episode. In the comics Echo is connected to Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. If they do stick with the comics and bring Kingpin into the MCU I cannot want them to bring back Vincent D’Onofrio anymore than I already am. His casting in the Netflix Daredevil series is one of the best things from those shows.

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