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Me waiting to see The Lovebirds for so long has been a blessing in disguise because I fucking loved this movie. I had a strong feeling that I would because I absolutely adore Kumail Nanjiani. When I see him attached to anything I know that I’ll give it a shot, especially when it comes to comedy. It coming out on Netflix last year is the main reason that I’m only just watching the movie. Netflix doesn’t promote their stuff after its released, they rely on word of mouth which usually dies down after a few weeks. I would consider this a hidden gem.

The Lovebirds was directed by Michael Showalter. It was written by Aaron Abrams and Brendan Gall with story by Abrams, Gall and Martin Gero. I’m a huge fan of Showalter’s previous movie The Big Sick and I’ve enjoyed some of his stuff as a writer and actor. Abrams, Gall, and Gero are all new to me. I’ve not seen anything that they’ve worked on or acted in. This is the most action heavy thing that I’ve seen Showalter do and while not the best he does have an interesting eye for action.

It stars Kumail Nanjiani, Issa Rae, Paul Sparks, Anna Camp, and Kyle Bornheimer. I had never seen Issa Rae in anything before this movie. I was aware of her show on HBO called Insecure. I will work to remedy that because she is delightful. Her chemistry with Kumail in the movie works so well. When she smiles, she smiles it lights up the screen. Kumail is his usual hilarious self. The both of them deserve another movie as spies or something just as long as it involves them getting to dress up in fancy clothes and be awesome. I was wondering why Paul Sparks looked so familiar to me its because he was in the second season of Castle Rock. I won’t let it derail this but you should watch both seasons if you haven’t already.

The plot of The Lovebirds centers on the couple of Jibran and Leilani. They’re four years into their relationship and they’re experiencing issues that everyone has. They live together in an apartment in New Orleans. On their way to a dinner party they have an argument which leads them both to say that they should break up. This also happens as they hit a man with their vehicle. They’re stopped by a man saying that he’s a cop and chases the man they hit down. The man they hit is killed and the other man leaves. Jibran and Leilani run and decide that they have to figure out what’s going on rather than going to the cops. They go on an adventure while rediscovering why they fell in love in the first place.

The costume design throughout the movie is one of the most fun parts of the movie. That especially goes for the different things the main two wear. The unicorn outfit that Issa wears is amazing and the tux that Kumail wears is fantastic. The music by Michael Andrews is good. The score works with the pacing of the movie really well.

The Lovebirds is fun mixture of rom com and murder mystery. While it isn’t the best movie you will have a good time watching it. You can watch it on Netflix. I give The Lovebirds a 7 horses out of 10.

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