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This is one of the many Blumhouse presents movies that are on Amazon Prime Video. It’s a partnership between Blumhouse and Amazon Studios and this is the fifth of the movies. I was interested in it when it came out at the beginning of October, but it didn’t fit into my choices for movie challenge that I was doing. I’ll have to go back and watch the other movies in the film series and hope that they’re as fun as Bingo Hell

Bingo Hell was directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero. It was written by Guerrero, Shane McKenzie, and Perry Blackshear. I’ve not seen anything from any of the creative team, but I do know the name Gigi Saul Guerrero. I enjoyed their work on this greatly and I feel like they could do a book accurate adaptation of Needful Things. The book deals heavily with older people with a sprinkling of younger people in there for flavor. I also plan on checking out the other projects that they worked out because I enjoyed Bingo Hell so much.

Bingo Hell stars Adriana Barraza, L. Scott Caldwell, Joshua Caleb Johnson, and Richard Brake. I loved Barraza in her role as Lupita. I could see her being as likely to knock you in the head as to give you food. I want to see her in a full action hero role. I was super excited to see L. Scott Caldwell because I loved her as Rose in Lost. Dolores is a different kind of badass than Rose was, but she definitely can play a strong woman well. Richard Brake is evil. That’s the best way I can describe how he plays his role. You see different facets of him, but each one is evil.

Bingo Hell tells the story of Lupita and how she struggles with the changes to her neighborhood. She’s unhappy with the gentrification of her city of Oak Springs. She’s actively hostile to the “fucking hipsters” that live around her now. She’s close to several local business owners. They all raise money for the hair salon run by Yolanda at the bingo hall, but think its weird that Mario, the owner of the bingo hall, is nowhere to be seen. The next day they all find fliers for the bingo hall that says it’s under new management. Lupita doesn’t take the news well and resolves to fight the change.

Whoever came up with the names for the businesses, especially Yolanda Solanda should receive a lot of praise because that was fantastic. The practical effects, especially on Mr. Big, are amazing. The more he infects the community the more unnerving it is to see him. The use of color throughout the movie is amazing. The set design shows how different the two parts of the neighborhood. The costume design helps you get the feel for each of the different characters. All of it works so well together I can’t pick anything specific.

Bingo Hell is a hell of a good time. I always enjoy when the leads of a movie aren’t the standard young and beautiful people. Nontraditional leads are a lot more interesting than traditional leads, especially when it comes to action and horror movies. You can watch Bingo Hell on Amazon Prime Video. I give Bingo Hell 8 bingo cards out of 10.

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