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As soon as I watched the trailer for Black Friday, I knew that I was going to watch it. I especially knew that when I saw the release date at the end of the trailer. The fun premise along with the fact that it was adding the growing number of Thanksgiving horror movies. Also with it poking fun at the ridiculousness of Black Friday, which has calmed down the last couple of years, but its still pretty ridiculous. The movie was just as fun as I was hoping it would be.

Black Friday was directed by Casey Tebo. It was written by Andy Greskoviak. Casey Tebo has done a lot of work in music videos. This is Greskoviak’s only feature writing credit. They both have such a fun sense of action and the genre. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was heavily influenced by Slither and Night of the Creeps. I hope they continue to work in the genre after seeing what they did in the movie.

The cast of Black Friday is a lot of fun. It stars Devon Sawa, Ivana Baquero, Ryan Lee, Stephen Peck, Michael Jai White, and Bruce Campbell. I feel blessed to be living in the Devon Sawa renaissance or Sawassance. Everyone plays off each other in fun ways. Michael Jai White gets to play a badass while Campbell gets to play a character that’s somewhat similar to Ash Williams but is coward. So, he gets to play against type.

The plot of Black Friday takes place mostly on Thanksgiving. It starts on the night of and you follow Ken, a father that has to drop his daughters off with his ex-wife, and Chris, who is treated poorly by his father, as they go into their shift at a toy store on Thanksgiving. There are several customers that are sick, and things quickly get out of control as the customers start attacking the workers. The workers start to fight back, which is the least realistic part of the movie.

The creature designs by Robert Kurtzman are outstanding. The latter stages of them are pretty monstrous and look like they should be in a zombie video game. The sound design for the monster sounds help make them even more terrifying when paired with the practical effects. The CG effects don’t look terrible, but they could look better. Patrick Stump did the music for the movie, which made me look to make sure it was the Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. It was in fact him and the score that made for the movie is fun. It adds to the movie and the weird limbo that Black Friday has in terms of holidays.

Black Friday is a fun movie and I think it will be a holiday horror movie classic. It definitely deserves to be added to the list of horror movies to watch during the holiday season. There’s a few different things that happen in the movie that are pretty funny now, especially the scene of Curse of Chucky with Devon Sawa starring in Chucky right now. It had a limited theatrical run but you can rent or buy it digitally. I give Black Friday 8 Dour Dennises out of 10.

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