Initial thoughts on the Halo: Infinite multiplayer beta

Halo Infinite Box Art Revealed - Rocket Chainsaw

I’ve been a fan of the Halo franchise since it first started with Bungie. I continued to play them after 343 took over the franchise. I’ve had my own personal ups and downs with the games, but I’ve played all of the regular games in the franchise, as well as some of the non-FPS games.

I had played the test flights from a couple months ago for Halo: Infinite and I really enjoyed it. It felt the most like old Halo out of the last few games. That being said it still kept some of the changes from the other 343 games in the series. It all works together to elevate the experience as a whole. This is the most fun I’ve had playing Halo multiplayer since Reach.

The only negative thing I have to say about it is the challenge and battle pass system. A lot of the weekly challenges that you get rely on RNG for you to be able to complete. They did change it to be a bit more forgiving, but it still relies too much on chance. The changes they did make helped to make it easier to make some progress in the battle pass. The fact that 343 is listening to the community about the issues in progression gives me hope that they’ll continue to do the same for the lifespan of the game.

There’s still a couple of weeks until the campaign for it comes out, but I’ll be keeping myself busy with the multiplayer until then. The Halo: Infinite multiplayer beta is free to play, and if you have an Xbox or PC that can run it and you’re even just a casual fan of the series you’ll find something to enjoy in it.

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