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The Golden Child is a movie that I’ve seen dozens of times, most of them during my childhood. Rewatching it for the first time in at least a decade, I was able to catch a lot of jokes that went over my head as a kid. This is a fun movie, that has some dated stuff in it. If you can look over the dated dialogue, there’s still a fun fantasy action movie.

The Golden Child was directed by Michael Ritchie. It was written by Dennis Feldman. This movie goes along well with some of Ritchie’s more popular directorial credits, especially both of the Fletch movies. Feldman was the writer for several movies, among them being the first Species movie. Both of them have interesting filmographies.

The Golden Child stars Eddie Murphy, Charlotte Lewis, James Hong, Victor Wong, Shakti Chen, and Charles Dance. This is Eddie Murphy’s movie through and through. The way he plays off of all of the other characters is fun. His way of playing an everyman that has to deal with the extraordinary circumstances. Charlotte Lewis plays a total badass that I wish we got to see more of in action. Charles Dance is a hell of a villain. His presence is felt throughout the movie, even in the long stretches where he isn’t on screen.

The plot of The Golden Child follows Chandler Jarrell as he searches for lost children. He happens upon the case of a missing Tibetan child. This child is the titular child and is kidnapped at the beginning of the movie. Chandler is hired by Kee Nang after seeing him on a public access TV show. Chandler eventually takes the case and goes on an adventure to rescue the child.

The creature effects in the movie are pretty cool. They do look a little dated but still look cool. The Numspa demon at the climax is a highlight, with both versions having distinct look. The music done by Michel Colombier and John Barry is awesome. The main theme is a standout and has a way to get you excited when it appears.

The Golden Child is probably one of the lesser celebrated Eddie Murphy movies. He gets to be a proper action hero while still getting to crack jokes. Even with the dated dialogue you can find plenty to enjoy about it. I give The Golden Child 8 revived birds out of 10.

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