The Slumber Party Massacre (82)

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This was one of those movies I would always see in the video store growing up. While the VHS cover was always eye catching it never really won me over. The Slumber Party Massacre would have been something that young Michael would have watched once and never thought about again. I’m pretty glad that I watched it later in life, because I can appreciate it on multiple levels.

The Slumber Party Massacre was directed by Amy Holden Jones. It was written by Rita Mae Brown. It was originally written as a parody, which is pretty evident when you watch the movie. It was shot as a straightforward slasher, which leads to comedy both intended and unintended. The characters feel like they’d work in a movie from the 90s after Scream came out.

The Slumber Party Massacre stars Michelle Michaels, Robin Stille, Debra Deliso, Andree Honore, Gina Mari, Jennifer Meyers, and Michael Villella. The camaraderie between the main group of four friends really helps sell their friendship. Each of them has fun quirk that lets them standout. The Bates sisters offer a fun shift in relationship between women. Michael Villella as Russ Thorn is a special kind of creepy. He has the most unnerving look in his eyes whenever he’s on screen.

The plot of The Slumber Party Massacre follows Trish Devereaux as she’s left alone for the weekend by her parents. She invites some friends over that day at school. There are some background clues that an escaped mass murderer is on the loose. He was convicted for his killings from 1969. Russ Thorn works his way through several people until everyone clashes.

The kills in the movie are pretty great. You don’t see most of the kills as they happen, usually only seeing the aftermath or they happen just offscreen. The makeup effects are pretty gruesome. The score by Ralph Jones is great. The main theme is a gothic piece that makes the film feel much spookier than it would with a different theme. The rest of the score is good but that main theme adds a lot to the movie.

The Slumber Party Massacre is a fun movie. It started a franchise, which has a remake that just came out earlier this year in 2021. The first two movies are on Shudder, which means the second movie will be covered shortly. I give The Slumber Party Massacre 8 mushroom and olive pizzas out of 10.

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