Night of the Animated Dead Night of the Animated Dead (DVD) : Ralph E. Portillo, Richard  Potter, Robert Feldman, Thomas DeFeo, Michael J. Luisi, Jamie Elliott,  Kevin Kasha, John A. Russo, Jason Axinn, Josh Duhamel, Dulé

Night of the Animated Dead was a movie that just kind of popped up for me. I didn’t know anything about it until it came out. I’m a huge fan of the Romero original and the Savini remake so I knew that I would want to try this movie out. The decision to retell the original’s story in animated form is an interesting decision.

Night of the Animated Dead was directed by Jason Axinn. It’s based on the script of the 1968 original written by George A. Romero and John A. Russo. The switch to animation allowed for different things to be done from the original. This is a much more gruesome movie, with the kills being much bloodier. I’ve not seen anything that Jason Axinn has done but I think he has done something really interesting.

This has a pretty star-studded cast. Night of the Animated Dead stars Josh Duhamel, Dulé Hill, Katharine Isabelle, James Roday Rodriguez, Katee Sackhoff, Will Sasso, Jimmi Simpson, Nancy Travis, and Stefan Marks. The cast really does a great job having different takes on classic roles. Hill as Ben brings an underplayed intensity that wasn’t there in the original.  He doesn’t bring the same confidence to the role as Duane Jones. Jones just felt like he’d be the leader and a natural fit for that role.

The plot for Night of the Animated Dead is the same as Night of the Living Dead from 1968. The main difference is you actually see what happens at Beekman’s Diner rather than being told about it. That and the kills being much more gruesome than even the 1990 remake.

Night of the Animated Dead is a pretty cool movie. The animation is pretty good and the style gives it a throwback vibe. It isn’t available streaming on anything as far as I know as of writing this. You can rent or buy it anywhere that you can get movies. I give Night of the Animated Dead 10 animated radios out of 10.

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