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Day 31 of the NOFS podcast 31-day horror challenge has the theme of All Hallow’s Eve. I had some issues figuring out what I was going to watch exactly. I finally decided to go with another movie that I love. I’m pretty sure that was the same movie that I went with last year for the challenge too. The Guest is a movie from the last decade that I’ve seen at least ten times, about half of that has been showing it to people.

The Guest was directed by Adam Wingard. It was written by Simon Barrett. This was my introduction to the pair of Wingard and Barrett in a full feature. I had seen the first V/H/S movie previously. I immediately became of a fan of both of them. Whenever I see that either of them involved in something my interest is piqued.

It stars Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe, Leland Orser, Sheila Kelley, Brendan Meyer, and Lance Reddick. This was my first time seeing Dan Stevens in anything, so it was quite a surprise when I learned he was British. Everything he brings to his role is outstanding. He is incredibly charismatic, and he is able to flip a switch between the two forms of his charisma. When you can see the switch in the same scene it’s exceptionally terrifying. Maika Monroe is also a joy to watch in the movie. She has a natural sweetness that stands out when she smiles. Both her and Stevens have great chemistry.

The Guest is the story of the Peterson family as they’re still dealing with the loss of their son Caleb. One day one of Caleb’s squad mates comes by after being discharged. The friend, David, made a promise to the son to help them. He slowly works his way through the family starting with Laura, the mom, then Anna, Luke, and then Spencer, the dad. David slowly entangles himself in all of their lives. The mystery behind David is soon discovered and the investigation spirals out of control.

I want to mention the music for The Guest first. Steve Moore did an amazing job with the score, but the licensed music in the movie also works so well. The driving synth in the original music is amazing. The stunt team knocked it out of the park in all of the action sequences. All of it is just so impressive.

The Guest is an endlessly rewatchable movie. This was another movie that would have worked for the theme of underrated because I feel like this is incredibly underrated. I will also use any excuse to watch the movie, which is why I watch it for a Halloween movie. I give The Guest 10 butterfly knives out of 10.

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