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Day 19 of the NOFS podcast 31-day horror challenge has the theme of Dracula’s Brides. I knew what my choice would be as soon as I saw the list. I knew that I would watch Jakob’s Wife. I rented it earlier this year, before I started the blog. As soon as I saw that it was being picked up as a Shudder, I knew that I would be able to watch it again and be able to review it. I was aware of the movie throughout the production because of Barbara Crampton and her updates about it as well as promoting it.

Jakob’s Wife was directed by Travis Stevens. It was written by Stevens, Kathy Charles, and Mark Steensland. I’ve not seen anything that Kathy Charles and Mary Steensland have done but I’m going to look for what they’ve done. This was the first of Travis Stevens’s features that I watched. This was his second feature after Girl on the Third Floor, which I have already covered.

It stars Barbara Crampton, Larry Fessenden, and Bonnie Aarons. This really is Barbara Crampton’s movie. She gets to touch all levels and emotions in her role as Anne. There’s a major change in her demeanor and there’s a shift in all her relationships. You see her change not only in how she carries herself, but also how she dresses. This also might be the scariest roles she’s had. Larry Fessenden really gets to ham it up in his role as Jakob. This is the most intense role that I’ve seen him in, though that is a limited amount to be honest. Bonnie Aarons gets to have a lot of fun in her role too. The only other thing I want to mention is CM Punk’s magnificent mustache.

Jakob’s Wife is the story of Anne, the put-upon wife of a minister in a small town. She is walked over by most people especially her husband. She has a run in with The Master and it causes a shift in her whole life. She becomes more assertive and more alive than she has in sometime. Jakob doesn’t know what to think about the changes. Their lives spiral as they fight for different things, one for their old way of life and the other for their new way of living.

The practical effects are wild, especially the gore effects. I’m pretty sure some of the blood is CG but there’s a lot that isn’t. The creature effects for The Master look really good, and the same goes for all of the vampires. The music was done by Tara Busch. Her score adds a whole new level to the movie. It adds to every scene, especially when you need to feel terror.

Jakob’s Wife is good movie. I felt like it was a little slow the first time I saw it, but on the second viewing it wasn’t. It flew through the 98 minutes. You can watch it on Shudder. I will give Jakob’s Wife 8 CM Punk mustaches out of 10.

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