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Day 15 of the NOFS 31-day horror challenge is masked killer. My forgetful ass didn’t realize that it was chosen because of the premiere date for Halloween Kills, so I wasn’t what my choice would be. I eventually realized what was going on and my choice basically made itself. I also decided that it would be a double feature of sorts since I hadn’t seen Halloween 2018 since last year. This watch made me have a theory that I’m not sure if I’ve heard before, which I’ll mention later in the review.

The Halloween franchise has always been my favorite of the slasher franchises. It all started when I caught part of Halloween II on USA while I was sick one day, almost certain too young. I rented it from a local video store later that week and it was love at first watch. There’s also the fact that I share a name with the main character of the series, which also endeared me to it. The story behind the creation of the mask also endeared me to the series since I’m a sci-fi nerd too.

Halloween 2018 was directed by David Gordon Green. It was written by Green, Jeff Fradley, and Danny McBride with characters by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, Haluk Bilginer, and James Jude Courtney. The performances from the three leads are just outstanding. The understanding of generational trauma in the nuances of the performances give such a weight to the story that you feel for them. James Jude Courtney as Michael Myers brings a ferocity to the role that hasn’t been seen in the “main” movies in the series.

Spoilers inbound, watch the movie. Especially since I’m throwing out a theory.

The movie starts with podcasters going to see Michael Myers forty years after his killing spree. He is shown his old mask, which causes all of the patients react to it while Michael stands silently. They go see Laurie Strode, which serves as exposition for her life and not much else. You see Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter in their home. Karen lies to Allyson about talking to Laurie about the award ceremony that Allyson is having later that night. Allyson and her friends, Vicky and Dave, walk and drop references to other movies in the franchise. You’re introduced to Allyson’s boyfriend while at school. Laurie visits Allyson and gives her money while Allyson tries to get her grandmother to get over her past trauma, rather coldly. Michael is transferred that night and he manages to escape. He kills a father son pair and steals their truck after the son accidentally shoots Michael’s doctor, Dr. Sartain. Deputy Hawkins is the first on the scene and calls for help for Sartain. The next morning, Halloween morning, Michael sees the podcasters visiting his sister’s grave and follows and kills them at a gas station. His takes his mask back and gets a jumpsuit. Laurie hears about the crash and goes to warn Karen and her husband about Michael but is ignored. Later that night, while Allyson is at the school dance Vicky and Dave are attacked while Vicky is babysitting. Hawkins and Laurie both reach the house and Laurie shoots Michael and accidentally pistol whips Hawkins. Michael escapes but the entirety of the sheriff’s office is warned about Michael being on the loose. Dr. Sartain is introduced to Laurie and paired with Hawkins. Allyson leaves the dance with a friend after seeing her boyfriend kiss another girl. Allyson leaves the friend alone after he tries to kiss her. The friend is killed, and Michael shows himself to Allyson that leaves her running scared. She is picked up by Hawkins and Sartain. Laurie and her family hold up at her house while they wait for Allyson to be dropped off. Hawkins is killed by Sartain after Michael is hit the police vehicle. Sartain puts Michael in the vehicle beside Allyson. Allyson tries to trick Sartain into letting her go but Michael awakens and attacks Sartain. Allyson escapes through the forest and Michael kills Sartain by crushing his head under his foot. Michael finds his way to Laurie’s house after killing two cops that were stationed outside. Michael also kills Karen’s husband. He attacks Laurie which causes him to have part of his left hand being blown off. Michael fights with Laurie, which ends with Laurie being stabbed in the guy and thrown out the second story of her house. All three generations end the fight with Michael with him trapped in the basement with a fire starting to burn down the house. They are able to flag down a truck and ride off in the bed of the truck.

This time watching the movie I had the thought that Sartain actually caused to bus to crash. It started with him talking about Loomis being the only one of his doctors that saw him in the wild. He also shows an unhealthy obsession not only with Michael but also with Laurie. He’s also obsessed with the effects that Michael’s spree had on him.

The mask that is used in the movie looks great. You really feel like it really is that old, it even had the knitting needle hole from the original movie. The practical effects used on the mask less Michael is interesting, mostly because of it being the left eye that had been damaged in his fight with Laurie. The music was done by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies. The score is outstanding. The iconic theme is redone at least once for the movie that gives it a more driving force. All of the music of the score is worth listening to.

Halloween 2018 was really a return to form for the series. I’m looking forward to both of the sequels to this movie. I will have a review Halloween Kills in a short time. I give Halloween 2018 9.5 old masks out of 10.

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