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Day 8 of the NOFS horror challenge has the theme of 90s horror. I had trouble figuring out what to watch, because 90s horror is so varied. I went with a movie that I have physically. Ravenous is barely 90s, since it came out in 99. I’ve been a fan of the movie since I saw the trailer for it during an episode WCW Thunder, which probably has to do with one of the actors in it. I didn’t know until recently that it had been remastered by Shout! Factory, which I learned while listening to the We Enjoy podcast.

Ravenous was directed by Antonia Bird. It was written by Ted Griffin. It stars Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, Jeremy Davies, Sheila Tousey, Jeffrey Jones, John Spencer, Neal McDonough, and David Arquette. Whenever I see Robert Carlyle in anything my mind goes to his role in this movie. Guy Pearce is the lead, and this was the first movie that I saw him in. This movie is filled with actors that you’d know from other things. It feels like you can easily go “Hey, I know that guy,” easily throughout the first part of the movie.

Spoilers are in coming. Do yourself a favor and watch the movie for yourself.

Ravenous opens with a couple of quotes. You first see Captain John Boyd receiving a medal for what he did in the Mexican-American War. You also see a glimpse of what Boyd did to survive the battle. He is sent to California by a general because of how he survived. A couple of the people at the fort leave to get supplies. While they’re gone a stranger stumbles into the fort. The stranger, Colqhoun, tells them a story about his wagon train. The story ends with cannibalism and Calqhoun escaping. This leads to almost everyone leaving the fort on a rescue mission. The mission ends with everyone but Boyd being killed by Colqhoun. Boyd ends up resorting to cannibalism to partially heal. He stumbles his way back to the fort where his story isn’t believed. A new commanding officer is brought and it turns out to be Colqhoun taking the identity of Colonel Ives. Most everyone is killed by Colqhoun and the revealed to by alive Colonel Hart. They both get Boyd to eat so that he can be healed. Boyd resolves to end all of their lives before they can kill the travels that will come in the spring. The movie ends with Boyd and Colqhoun dying in a giant beartrap.

The stunt team in Ravenous kicked a lot of ass. There are some pretty crazy stunts in the movie and I don’t know how they were done at the very least partially safely. The movie also has some really good practical effects too. The score is really good too. It was made by Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn. I didn’t know who Damon Albarn was when I first saw the movie, but I’m a huge fan of his now.

Ravenous is definitely an underrated movie. I have spent the years since it came out asking people I know if they’ve seen it, and the answer would always be no. I will continue to try to get people to watch it.  I give Ravenous 9.5 bloody steaks out of 10.

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