The Wolf House

The Wolf House (2018) Altyazı

Day 7 of the NOFS horror movie challenge is clay/animation. I used the theme to watch a movie that I had been wanting to watch. I chose The Wolf House because I had been wanting to watch it since I saw the trailer during an episode of The Last Drive-In. I’m glad that it was still on Shudder, and it should be seen by more people.

The Wolf House was directed by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña. It was written the directors as well as Alejandra Moffat. It stars Amalia Kassai and Rainer Krause. The fact that the cast is just two people, with one doing multiple voices. Amalia Kassai does a lot of the work since she voices three characters. Rainer Krause is sinister in his role. He makes his voice seem so unnerving that you know that if his character actually is able to complete his task it would be a bad thing.

Spoilers will follow. I don’t think I’ll be able to really do it justice so do yourself a favor by watching it.

The Wolf House follows Maria as she escapes from a religious community in Chile. She takes shelter in a house from the man searching for her, known only as The Wolf. The house kind of feels like a dream, because the house reacts to Maria’s feelings and actions. She takes in two pigs, and they slowly turn into humans. Maria gives them the names of Pedro and Ana. All this time Maria is taunted by The Wolf. The newly formed family eventually runs out of food and Pedro and Ana turn on Maria. They resolve to eat Maria and tie her to her bed. She prays for The Wolf to save her, which he does and returns her to the community. The Wolf ends the movie asking if the viewer wants to be taken care of too.

The animation in The Wolf House is amazing. All of it is stop motion but its all done differently. Some of it is paint, while other bits look like they’re done with tape. The animation helps with the inherent creepiness from the story. The sound design in the movie also helps set the tone.

The Wolf House is pretty fantastic. I know that the synopsis that I provided is very basic, but there’s so much more to it that you really only get from watching it. You can see it on Shudder, as well as several other services. I give The Wolf House 9 yellow birds out of 10.

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