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Day 6 of the 31-day horror challenge is Netflix and Kill. I had a bunch of options, especially with me wanting to go with a Netflix original. I decided to go with Hush because it is fairly short. I also decided to finally watch it since I recently watched Midnight Mass and they share a creative team. I’m glad I finally watched it and I can understand why it led to Mike Flanagan doing more projects with Netflix.

Hush was directed by Mike Flanagan. It was written by Flanagan and Kate Siegel. It stars Kate Siegel, Samantha Sloyan, Emma Graves, Michael Trucco, and John Gallagher Jr. After watching this movie, I want to see Kate Siegel in at least one action movie. She kicks a lot of ass and I have a feeling that she could still star in an action movie easily. I also want to mention Samantha Sloyan, since she’s incredibly likable in this unlike in Midnight Mass. This is only the second thing that I’ve seen John Gallagher Jr. in and this is a very different role.

Spoilers are incoming. Do yourself a favor if you haven’t seen it yet.

Hush centers on Maddie Young, a deaf and mute writer that lives alone in the woods. Maddie burns the dinner that she had been making after talking with her neighbor. Later while she’s taking a break from writing, the neighbor Sarah is killed by a masked man. Maddie tries to reason with The Man after seeing him. He then takes off his mask revealing his face to Maddie. The Man taunts Maddie and they struggle multiple times, with both being injured in the scuffles. Sarah’s boyfriend John shows up and ends up getting killed. Maddie does end up killing The Man after one final fight. Maddie is able to call the police, which show up as the movie ends.

The sound design in the movie is fantastic. I don’t think I can properly put it into words just how excellent it is. The score was done by The Newton Brothers and the score is fantastic. The stunts and practical effects in this movie kick ass too. A lot of the movie honestly kicks ass, which is why I feel like it is the best way to describe multiple aspects of it. Whoever designed and made the mask did an absolutely outstanding job.

Hush deserves all of the praise and hype that it received upon release. I feel like most people have already seen it, which just means I’m slow on the uptake. Which honestly makes plenty of sense because I can be. You can watch it on Netflix. I will give Hush 9.5 creepy masks out of 10.

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