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Day 2 of the NOFS horror movie challenge is 80s horror and that’s kind of where I go to if I’m doing a comfort horror movie. I decided to pick Waxwork because its one of my favorite movies as well as a movie that I think is pretty underrated. I was drawn to it when I was young by the VHS cover, which is pretty dynamic and eye catching.

Waxwork was written and directed by Anthony Hicox. It was partially inspired by a silent movie. It stars Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman, Michelle Johnson, David Warner, Dana Ashbrook, Miles O’Keeffe, Patrick Macnee, and John Rhys-Davies.

The following sections will contain spoilers. Please watch the movie.

Waxwork opens with a man being murdered by having his head shoved into a fireplace. There is also a robbery after the murder. You’re next introduced to Mark Loftmore in a comical way. He and a group of his friends are invited to a waxwork. They go and out of the four two of them are killed in the displays, Tony and China. Mark and Sarah leave after being told that their friends had left together. Mark goes to the cops and gets a detective to look at the waxwork. Initially the detective doesn’t believe Mark, but is killed by a display after going back. Mark and Sarah go see Mark’s godfather, Sir Wilfred, and discover what’s going on. They decide to burn the waxwork after the discussion with Sir Wilfred. As they leave to do so, Sir Wilfred calls someone about the man behind waxwork. The man was called David Lincoln, the man that killed Mark’s grandfather. Through some tricks, Mark and Sarah escape from displays but two of their other friends are killed. This allows the displays come to life and attack. Sir Wilfred comes in to save the day. A bedlam occurs that results in the waxwork finally being burned down. Mark and Sarah escape after Mark duels the Marques de Sade but saved by Sarah.

The practical effects are pretty kick ass. The design of the werewolf really stands out to me, though I do have a shirt with it on the shirt. The designs for all of the monsters are unique for what they are. There’s also some older CG effects and they look pretty good. They’re used sparingly and that helps a lot. Roger Bellon did the music for the movie and the score is quite good.

Waxwork is a fun movie. You get a lot of movie in this movie. You basically get a movie whenever you see someone go into a display. You can watch Waxwork for free on Tubi with commercials. I would give Waxwork 9 burning waxwork out of 10.

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