The Elm Street Movies Ranked

A Nightmare on Elm Street (Franchise review) | Horror Amino
  1. OG Nightmare
  2. Dream Warriors
  3. Freddy’s Revenge
  4. A New Nightmare
  5. Freddy vs Jason
  6. Dream Master
  7. Freddy’s Dead
  8. Dream Child
  9. Remake

I think my rankings of the Elm Street movies make sense with my reviews of them. Like I did have something positive to say about Freddy’s Dead even though I can see that it isn’t a very good movie. Honestly, my feelings towards the remake make it should be ranked at 20 in a list of nine movies. I might have had something nice to say about Dream Child but it was a mostly boring forgettable movie, which is why I’ve only seen it twice.

Freddy vs Jason is a pretty good Freddy movie, but it is an awful Jason movie. I liked Freddy’s Revenge a lot more this time. I think it all came down to the perspective I had when watching it and everything I have learned about the movie. I think that its hard to get better than the OG Nightmare. It’s honestly rare for a franchise to start off that strong.

But these have just been my rankings and you can tell me yours if you want to.

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