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A New Nightmare is the first of the franchise that I really remember coming out. I was around 7 when it came out. This is the most different of the movies. It had a surreal and meta feel to it, which might actually be what informed the feel of Scream. After the mess that was Freddy’s Dead they had to think of a way to revitalize the franchise. While it kind of did, the franchise did go into a slumber until Freddy vs Jason.

A New Nightmare was written and directed by Wes Craven. It starred Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Miko Hughes, John Saxon, and Tracy Middendorf. There are a lot of cameos and other people playing themselves. Robert Englund gets to play himself and the new version of Freddy that is in the movie. The new Freddy is far more sinister than the previous versions.

This version of Heather is strong like Nancy. As the movie goes along, she becomes more like Nancy in some ways. She even gets the grey streak in her hair as the story reached the climax. As the movie became more surreal reality started to bleed into the movies.

A New Nightmare has a plot that centers on the new Elm Street movie. It centers on Heather Langenkamp and how she’s dealing with not only a stalker but also the tenth anniversary of the first movie. Her son Dylan is dealing with nightmares that deal with a new version of Freddy Krueger. Her husband, Chase, is a special effects guy. She has a dream of a new Elm Street movie and Chase and the other special effects guys are attacked by an animatronic Freddy hand. There’s an earthquake as she wakes up from the nightmare. People start dying around her and she has worsening nightmares as this happens. Dylan talks about a scary man in his dreams. Heather visits Wes and sees the script for the new movie, and it is the conversation that they were just having. Heather and Dylan end up defeating the new Freddy in the dreams. The movie ends with Heather reading the finished to Dylan. This is an awful synopsis, but you should see the movie.

The new makeup for Freddy is pretty angular and different than the previous ones. The make up doesn’t look like a burn victim it looks like someone that has strips of flesh missing. The glove actually being part of his hand is different. Also the fact that the thumb has a claw adds to the danger. The rest of the effects are pretty great. The music was done by J. Peter Robinson. The score is good, but no single piece really stands out to me.

A New Nightmare is really good. It is a breath of fresh air coming after the last two Elm Street movies. I would give it 7 Freddy gloves out of 10.

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