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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors is a universally loved sequel. I’m not entirely sure if its because of the negative reaction to the previous entry, but it is a really good movie. It took two years for it to get made. They had a bunch of people work on scripts for it, which led to them having Wes Craven come back to write the film.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors was directed by Chuck Russell. It was written by Wes Craven, Bruce Wagner, Frank Darabont, and Chuck Russell with story by Wes Craven and Bruce Wagner. It stars Heather Langenkamp, Patricia Arguette, Larry Fishburne, Priscilla Pointer, Craig Wasson, John Saxon, Dick Cavett, Zsa Zsa Bagor, and Robert Englund. Robert Englund really makes Freddy his own in this movie. This is also the first movie in which classic Freddy comes out and is kind of a jokester. He taunts them more than he has in the previous movies rather than just menacing them.

Patricia Arquette as Kristen is an interesting character. She has a power that is just introduced in the series. You get to see her learn how to use her dream powers but she doesn’t master them in the movie. She does help others find their own strength, which is why she acts like the leader of the new Elm Street kids. Patricia Arquette really isn’t given that much to work with, but she does really well with what she had to work with.

The plot of Dream Warriors is centered on Kristen Parker, who dreams of Freddy Krueger and is made to look like she tried to commit suicide. This leads her to be committed to Westin Hills psychiatric facility. We’re reintroduced to Nancy Thompson, now a grad student studying dreams. You’re introduced to the other patients including Kincaid, Joey, and Taryn. Freddy targets the kids there because of their connection to what happened to him. The kids discover their own powers while in the dream world. Joey is captured by Freddy, which leads to the Nancy being fired. Nancy tries to convince her dad to show her where he hid Freddy’s body. Dr. Gordon makes Donald take him to where Freddy’s bones are. Nancy takes the fight to Freddy with the remaining kids. While that happens Dr. Gordon and Donald go to bury Freddy’s remains in hallowed ground. Nancy and the kids rescue Joey and fight off Freddy. Freddy takes over his bones and kills Donald and knocks out Dr. Gordon. This leads to Freddy killing Nancy after tricking her by disguising himself as her father. Dr. Gordon buries Freddy’s bones in hallowed ground which leads to him seemingly dying in the dream world. I know the synopsis is awful but just watch the movie.

The special effects in Dream Warriors kick all sorts of ass. Freddy has a more angular defined look which comes from them having figured out the best way to do the whole process. The non-Freddy make up looks pretty gnarly too. All of the kills are gruesome. TV Freddy is a standout with just how amazing he looks. Angelo Badalamenti did the music for the movie. The score is great. I also want to mention the song Dream Warriors by Dokken, because it kicks ass.

Dream Warriors kicks so much ass. It even led to one of my favorite movies growing up, the remake of The Blob. This is Freddy Krueger in his final fully realized form. I give it 9.75 Freddy gloves out of ten.

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