Games to Play while you wait for Back 4 Blood to come out.

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After playing the Back 4 Blood open beta this past weekend, I wanted to list some games that will at least kind of sate the hunger for a wave based shooter. I have a few in mind, but they’re mostly based on my Xbox based recommendations because I only have an Xbox and Game Pass. They’re available elsewhere but I either have them physically or through Game Pass.

First game is probably the most obvious one of all, Left 4 Dead. This is the most obvious choice because of the fact that people that made it went on to make Back 4 Blood. Left 4 Dead 2 is probably the best one to go with since it feels the best of the two games. It also has all the stuff from the first game too. I’m pretty sure it feel better on PC than it does on Xbox. On Xbox it feels super clunky and you can tell it’s age.

The next game is a similar game but has a completely different setting, Vermintide 2. This has somewhat similar gameplay, like you go through a level killing waves of enemies while on the way to an objective. The enemies aren’t zombies though, they’re Skaven and Rotbloods. It’s set in the setting of Warhammer Fantasy and there’s so much stuff that I can’t go into without dedicating an entire post to it. It’s available on Game Pass at no cost.

The next on the list is another game that deals with zombies, World War Z. This is a third person shooter, which is very different from the previous games. It has different scenarios with cities around the globe dealing with the outbreak. Each scenario has its own characters. There are multiple classes that affect gameplay depending on which is chosen. It’s on Game Pass.

Okay, to end the list I’m going with a game that doesn’t really have much in common with Back 4 Blood. The final game is State of Decay, more importantly the second one. I recommend this game just because of the fact that it has zombies. You can kill zombies to your heart’s content, though there are other things to the game. There’s story stuff about trying to cure the virus and base building stuff, but it’s all set in a zombie apocalypse. Its on Game Pass, on both Xbox and PC so you can play it on whatever.

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