My Thoughts on the Back 4 Blood Open Beta

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I’m gonna open with the one issue I had with the beta, mostly because it was something that is to be expected with a beta. The only bad thing I had to deal with was the matchmaking/connection with the servers. I only got to complete one run, I think that’s what it was. I completed a run to a safe room without getting disconnected. I had trouble finding a match a lot of the time, but I don’t expect a game to run smoothly during a beta. I don’t think it was my internet, because I didn’t have any problems with other games.

The gameplay is amazing. The way the guns feel while you shoot is just so smooth. There’s an understandable amount of recoil and everything about how the guns just feels amazing. The melee weapons feel great too. They have a heft to them that really helps them feel like they deal damage. The bash that you normally do feels like a panic move, which makes sense since it isn’t lethal and used to push them back.

The Ridden are fairly icky, which isn’t the best description of them. They’re undead but some of them look like relatively normal. The ones that don’t have their brains exposed. That’s not to mention the special Ridden. I ran into some of them but I didn’t really hear their name except for the Ogre, which is skyscraper sized monster.

I’m definitely looking forward to Back 4 Blood when it comes out in October. I’m looking forward to getting to fighting the Ridden on Xbox with it coming to Game Pass day one.

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