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I was hesitant to watch this when it originally came out. I had been so burned by the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I was wary of a remake of a franchise that I had more of a connection to. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally rented it. I would go on to be disappointed to other Platinum Dunes remakes, which makes this movie standout even more. This is the last movie in the franchise as of right now, which is due to the lawsuit that has been going on for some time. Its led to a total of stall of the entire franchise.

Friday the 13th 2009 was directed by Marcus Nispel. It was written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift with story by Damian Shannon, Mark Swift, and Mark Wheaton. It stars Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Aaron Yoo, Amanda Righetti, and Travis Van Winkle. Derek Mears is Jason Voorhees in the movie. He is quite possibly the most terrifying Jason to date. He brings the physicality of the previous actors while also moving like an Olympic athlete. He moves like a man half his size. When I learned that this shared a director with the remake of TCM I was surprised, since there’s a huge difference in quality. Shannon and Swift returned after writing FvJ and you can tell that they’re fans of the franchise, especially how FvJ was so Freddy heavy.

This movie kind of smushes the first four movies of the franchise together and then mixes them up. They pick certain things from those movies and make a plot that’s honestly great. It basically houses two movies, one short and one feature length. The first 22 minutes work like a straightforward Friday the 13th short that focuses solely on kills and little else. The main story picks up six weeks after the intro. While you meet the group of teens going to a lake house first, you’re introduced to the main character, Clay. He is trying to find his sister, who was one of the people in the intro. Clay runs afoul of Trent, for basically just existing. Trent and his crew go to his dad’s lake house. Jason goes around killing a few people, including some of the group from the lake house. Clay ends up at Trent’s dad’s lake house and Jenna, Trent’s girlfriend, goes with him to look around. Clay and Jenna go looking through the Camp Crystal Lake campground. It turns out the Clay’s sister is being help captive by Jason because she looks vaguely like his mother. Jason goes on to kill the rest of Trent’s crew and a police officer. Clay and Jenna find Whitney and get her free. Jenna is killed as the escape tunnels. Clay and Whitney end up killing Jason after a long fight. They dump his body in the lake but he ends up bursting through the dock before they can leave.

The effects in this look great. I mean both practical and CG, they both look great. The designs for Jason’s masks look great. The sack looks much more menacing and like something that wouldn’t be as much in the way. The hockey mask looks menacing as well. It still has the iconic look, but it looks weathered. This movie has great stunts, which is pretty on par for the rest of the series. Steve Jablonsky did the music for the movie. He did a great job, when the music gets intense it amps up real quick.

Friday the 13th 2009 is really good. I know a lot of people are automatically against it because it’s a remake/reboot but it is so much better than a lot of the others. The franchise is lucky to have the last movie in it being so good. You can stream in on HBO Max or rent/buy it on your digital storefront of choice.

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