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Jason Goes to Hell is the start to a whole new era of the franchise. New Line Cinema took over the franchise starting with this movie. A lot of people weren’t a fan of it, well probably still aren’t fans of it either. It was not well received when it first came out, like it did just a little bit better than the previous entry in the box office. This had the biggest gap between the previous entry and itself when it came out and then it led to the franchise going dormant for 8 years. I understand the problems that fans had/have with the movie but I don’t think its as bad as people claim it is. I watched the unrated cut of the movie that came in the box set.

Jason Goes to Hell was directed by Adam Marcus. It was written by Jay Huguely and Dean Lorey with story by Jay Huguely, Adam Marcus, and Dean Lorey. It stars John D. LeMay, Kari Keegan, Alison Smith, Steven Culp, Billy “Green” Bush, Erin Gray and Steven Williams. Kane Hodder is once again Jason, but he also has other roles. He plays a security guard at the coroner at the beginning. He also is the hand inside Freddy’s glove at the end of the movie, so he’s the only person to play mainline Freddy aside from Robert Englund. Kari Keegan is the final girl, and she is definitely the most unique one of the series.

The world that Jason Goes to Hell takes place in a different world than the other movies. It doesn’t actually but it just feels like it does, especially with the F.B.I. showing up in the beginning specifically to kill Jason. This leads into the most divisive things in the movie, that fact the Jason isn’t in the movie like he would be traditionally. He is still in the movie, but he just possesses people. It starts with the coroner eating Jason’s heart. Jason appears in the reflection of people that he possesses. The kills in the movie are pretty good. Even without Jason showing up physically his kills are still gnarly. The new character of Creighton Duke has an unknown history with Jason, who he has a vendetta against. The history between the two is fleshed out in other media. It also turns out that Jason has had a sister the entire time and he needs someone that he’s related to be reborn. I do want to mention that poor Randy has the worst time in the movie, ending with him being the last person possessed by Jason. Jason is killed by Jessica, his niece, and is sent to hell.

KNB effects did an outstanding job in Jason Goes to Hell. All of the kills still look great in HD. The design of Jason in this movie is distinct, especially with him having hair in this. He has whisps of long hair, in both versions of him. He does have a bit more hair when he is reborn through Diana. The heart at the beginning of the movie looks pretty gnarl, especially when it gets eaten. Harry Manfredini is back doing the music for the movie. His score sounds very different than the last score he did by himself.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday is better than it gets credit for being. The new stuff that they tried in the script wouldn’t have been nearly as jarring if it had been hinted at in the previous movies. It does properly set up Freddy vs Jason, even if it still took several years. Its available on HBO and HBO Max or to rent/buy on your digital storefront of preference.

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