Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning

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Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning came out the year after The Final Chapter like “tricked ya.” The previous movie was far too popular for the series to actually end. This entry is kind of viewed as the black sheep of the franchise. It’s the only one without an actual Voorhees that’s doing the killings. They were going to try to go a different way with the movies, but this wasn’t as popular which led to the next movie in the series.

A New Beginning was directed by Danny Steinmann. It was written by Martin Kitrosser, David Cohen, and Danny Steinmann with story by Martin Kitrosser and David Cohen. It stars John Shepherd, Melanie Kinnaman, Shavar Ross, Miguel A. Núñez Jr, and Dick Wieand. Tom Morga played Jason Voorhees/masked Roy Burns. John Hock also played Jason but only in the opening sequence. Morga as Roy or Fake Jason, whichever you prefer, carries himself differently. You don’t actually see him as much as actual Jason. John Shepherd is stiff, but it works with how Tommy is written in the movie. Melanie Kinnaman continues the standard of a blonde final girl, though this has the most survivors of the series so far.

A New Beginning starts with a dream sequence that features young Tommy Jarvis. An older Tommy has been in and out of institutes after his ordeal with Jason, which he has trouble coping with. He is transferred to Pinehurst, a halfway house near Crystal Lake. The same day that he arrives a patient there, Joey, is killed by another patient, Vic. The neighbor of the halfway house is an incredibly vulgar and unpleasant woman and her son. People are killed all around the halfway house, which leads to Tommy being a suspect. Reggie meets with his brother, Demon, and his girlfriend. This leads to one of the most referenced parts of the movie that involves enchiladas. More people are killed as you finally see “Jason” and you immediately see that it isn’t really him. After a long fight, which goes from outside of the bark to inside of it, “Jason” is finally killed by falling on spikes. Reggie, Pam, and Tommy all end up in the hospital, with Tommy having been injured. The movie ends with Tommy having become crazed and wearing Roy’s mask wielding a knife.

The special effects in this is good. You can tell that there was effort was put into the kills. The mask in the movie is also immediately recognizable because of not only the color blue but also the design of the triangles on it as well. The score, once again done by Harry Manfredini, is good but it hits a lot of the same marks as his previous work.

Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning is a lot better than what you would expect when you hear people talk about it. It’s available to stream on Starz or to rent/buy through the digital storefront of preference.

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