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This might be the movie in the series that I’ve seen the least. Before now I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever seen it once. That being said Friday the 13th Part 3 isn’t a bad movie, it has its flaws but honestly what movie doesn’t. I haven’t seen it in actual 3-D, which I’m sure would be pretty damn awesome. With the Shout Factory box set there’s a new transfer for the 3-D version, but I don’t own a 3-D TV or 3-D blu-ray player so I can’t make use of that. I do have to say that the 2-D transfer is outstanding.

Friday the 13th Part 3 was directed by Steve Miner, returning for another movie. It was written by Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson, and Petru Popescu who went uncredited. It stars Dana Kimmell, Paul Kratka, Tracie Savage, and Larry Zerner. Richard Brooker is Jason Voorhees, starting the tradition of a new person playing him with each new movie that would last most of the series. Dana Kimmell kicks ass as Chris Higgins, the final girl of the movie. She is also the first nonblonde to be a final girl in the series. Brooker’s physicality as Jason is interesting. He doesn’t move as fast as the previous person but he isn’t a lumbering monster either.

There’s a slight recap of the previous movie to start Part 3 but with a slight retcon, but mostly with Jason getting up and running off. Ginny is shown on TV and said to be the only survivor. Jason runs around mask-less for most of the movie until he kills Shelley for his hockey mask, which would be his most iconic look. Before I get sidetracked I do want to mention how disgusting Harold is. Like hot damn was he just nasty as hell. The bikers are the biggest assholes. Ali’s comeback at the end might be the quickest turn from heroic to dead in movie history. Jason goes on to do a bit of overkill with him. Chris ends up putting an axe into Jason’s head, which give his mask a notch in the top. She had an encounter with Jason a few years earlier that traumatized her. She confronts her trauma and overcomes it, though she is in hysterics at the end.

Doug White did the makeup effects for the movie. The distinct red triangles on the mask were put on there by art director Terry Ballard. The effects for the kills were great and they hold up well. I can’t really say how good the 3-D stuff looks, but I hope to remedy that one day. The score is great, as usual. The main theme was written by Harry Mandfredini and Michael Zager. It is what the young kids would call a bop.

Friday the 13th Part 3 is really fun. All of the gimmicky stuff is fun and not terribly distracting. It’s available to stream on Starz or to rent/buy on your digital storefront of preference.

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