Friday the 13th Part 2

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Friday the 13 part 2 doesn’t really seem to get that much love when it comes to the whole series. This is one of the series that I’ve seen the least. I’ve only seen part 2 a couple of other times before now. There are so many things that start in this movie that continue and evolve in the rest of the series. It did have some issues, mostly the fact that an actor lied about her age and it things had to be cut because of it. The box set has a bonus feature that is all of the kills in the movie uncut, while not high def quality its really cool to see.

Friday the 13th Part 2 was directed by Steve Miner. It was written by Ron Kurz. It stars Amy Steel, John Furey, Adrienne King, and Lauren-Marie Taylor. This is also the first of the series to have Jason Vorhees in it. He’s portrayed by two different actors, Steve Daskewisz and Warrington Gillette. Gillette plays Jason while he was unmasked while Daskewisz did the heavy lifting as Sackhead Jason. This version of Jason is the most active of the series, at least until the remake.

Part 2 starts just two months after the end of the first movie. You see Alice as she continues to cope with the events of the previous film. She’s haunted by dreams of her fight with Mrs. Vorhees. Alice is killed in her house by Jason, after being scared by the decaying head of Mrs. Vorhees. The movie jumps five years in the future as counselors come to Packanack counselor school that shares Crystal Lake with Camp Crystal Lake. The counselors are told that the camp is off limits, but that doesn’t stop some of them from trying to go there. Crazy Ralph is back, but he is quickly killed while being a creep in the camp. A county deputy is killed after finding Jason’s shack. The counselors start getting killed after a large group goes to town and leaves six people at the camp. Ginny and Paul come back to see the carnage that Jason has left in the main lodge. Ginny uses Mrs. Vorhees’s sweater against Jason. She ends up surviving and the fate of Paul is unknown because she is asking about him.

Carl Fullerton did the effects for the film and he did a great job. He even has one of the most iconic effects scene in the whole series, which is Mark’s death and roll down the stairs in the rain. The soundtrack is still amazing with Harry Manfredini doing the music. Everything else in the movie is good but these two things really standout.

Friday the 13th Part 2 is a great sequel and really sets up the rest of the series to do interesting things. Its available to watch on Starz if you have a subscription, otherwise you can rent or buy it through your digital storefront of preference.

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