The City of Lost Children The City of Lost Children: Briac Barthelemy, Guillaume  Billod-Morel, Geneviève Brunet, Marc Caro, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Daniel  Emilfork, Pierre-Quentin Faesch, Mapi Galán, Ticky Holgado, Joseph Lucien,  Odile Mallet, Serge Merlin, Mireille Mossé,

I had a time actually getting to watch The City of Lost Children. I wanted to watch it before it left HBO Max at the end of the month. The problem I had when I first tried to watch it was there weren’t any captions on Roku when I tried. After giving it a go for ten minutes I decided that I couldn’t get into a movie without really knowing what was going on. I decided to check and see if it had captions on Xbox so maybe I could watch it, thankfully it did so I was able to restart the movie.

The City of Lost Children was directed by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It was written by Gilles Adrien and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It stars Ron Perlman, Daniel Emilfork, Judith Vittet, Dominque Pinon, and Jean-Claude Dreyfus. I really only knew that Ron Perlman was in this. I recognized Dominique Pinon but wasn’t sure from where until I looked at his IMDB and saw that it was from Alien: Resurrection. That means it was a reunion of sorts between Perlman and Pinon.

The plot kind of centers on One as he tries to get his little brother back after he’s kidnapped. There’s so much going on in the movie that I feel like I can’t do it proper justice. There’s the isolated lab run by Krank, with six clones, a brain in a fish tank, and a dwarf (not sure of the proper terminology) helping him run tests. There are also a crew of orphans that follow Miette. One and Miette end up together and end up becoming a small family. I’ve kind of halfway summarized the plot. You really should watch the movie and get the feel of the movie.

The production design is just breathtaking. The City of Lost Children has such a distinct look that you can really feel the world. The lab is different from the city proper. The city looks so dirty and grimy but also incredibly cold. The lab feels artificial which honestly works well with what you end up finding out about everything that has happened there. The costume design really helps with the feel of the world. The use of music in the movie is pretty interesting. Whether it be the use of a street organ, a record of a Christmas song, or the original soundtrack music is used in different ways.

The City of Lost Children is a really good movie. I really dug it and I can actually see a lot of influence on Guillermo del-Toro, not to mention the use of Ron Perlman. It leaves HBO Max at the end of the month and lord knows where it’ll be streaming after if it is at all. You can buy it physically and your can probably buy or rent it on your preferred digital storefront.

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