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When I think of Jennifer’s Body I think of Dashboard Confessional. I remember Chris Carrabba being on SiriusXM talking about writing music for it and that was the only promotional thing I saw for it aside from trailers. The trailers for Jennifer’s Body didn’t really peek my interest, it seemed like something that I would catch on sometime but not actively seek out. Boy howdy did they mess the promotion of this movie up royally. While it is kind of goofy, for the most part it’s straight up horror movie. Which is not what it was promoted as.

Jennifer’s Body was directed by Karyn Kusama and written by Diablo Cody. It stars Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, J.K. Simmons, Amy Sedaris, Adam Brody, Kyle Gallner, and Chris Pratt. Megan Fox plays an amazing villain. I’m not sure if she’s played anymore villains after this, but she definitely has the ability to. Amanda Seyfried is really good. I understand why she’s gone on to do more dramatic movies, because when she cries you feel so bad for her. When I see Johnny Simmons I can’t help but think of him as Young Neil. With Disney having bought 20th Century Fox I’m pretty sure that makes Jennifer Check a Disney evil queen and Needy Lesnicki a Disney princess.

The plot of Jennifer’s Body centers on the friendship between Jennifer Check, the popular cheerleader, and Needy Lesnicki, the normal girl. Jennifer drags Needy to the local bar to see a band from the city play. Needy had plans to hangout with her boyfriend, Chip, but is convinced to go with Jennifer. After a tragedy at the bar, which sees the bar burn down, Jennifer is taken by the band Low Shoulder. Jennifer is possessed, kind of, by a demon because of Low Shoulder sacrificing her to become famous. Jennifer goes around killing boys to stay healthy. Needy kills Jennifer after she targets Chip. I’ve done a terrible job at summarizing the movie as to only say thing that were spoiled in the trailers.

The production design kicks ass. Each bedroom that you see has flair that lets you get an idea of what they’re into. I spotted a Motion City Soundtrack poster in Chip’s bedroom, which lets you know that he’s into stuff that isn’t the most popular. You also get the same sense from the costumes as well. The spring formal highlights the character’s roles. The song that Low Shoulder plays and is played through the movie is definitely something that would have been a hit at the time, it actually would probably still be.

You should definitely check out Jennifer’s Body. I don’t really know what else I can say about it that I haven’t already. If you want to see a horror movie about a demon possessing a teenage girl and killing horny guys, this is the movie for you. Jennifer’s Body is currently streaming on Hulu, unless you have it physically or through the digital storefront of your choice.

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