The Final Girl Support Group The Final Girl Support Group (9780593201237): Hendrix, Grady:  Books

I was lucky enough to catch Grady Hendrix’s presentation at the Chattanooga Film Festival. It was about The Final Girl Support Group and I found it so interesting and entertaining that it made me want to read not only what the presentation was about but other things Grady Hendrix has written. This is also the first time I’ve ever gotten a book on its first printing, at least that wasn’t a graphic novel. I found the book to be a fun and quick read.

The Final Girl Support Group follows Lynette Tarkington, a member of the titular group. She is a survivor that never really recovered from her trauma. She had isolated herself in her apartment, rarely leaving it. The group is led by Dr. Carol and included Adrienne, Heather, Marilyn, Dani, and Julia. The group had a lot of friction and you see that in the book quite quickly. After the first meeting in the book, Lynnette is attacked in her apartment after being visited by Julia and a reporter. The rest of the book follows Lynette as she unravels a conspiracy to wipeout the entire support group.

I found The Final Girl Support Group to be incredibly entertaining. The inclusion of diegetic texts in between the chapters really helped with the worldbuilding. It was also really fun trying to figure out what classic slashers each of the final girls was based on. I found the process of figuring that out to be fun and seeing how they were changed to be just as fun. Following Lynnette as she not only learns the truth behind the conspiracy but as she comes to terms with how she had lived her life. I did find the acknowledgements at the end to be pretty entertaining.

This is my first shot at doing a book review. I really enjoyed The Final Girl Support Group and I’m going to try to get as many people that I know to read it. It was also announced that an adaptation was being produced for HBO Max. I think this will work really well as a limited series.

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