Hellboy (2019)

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So, just to go ahead and say this I’m well aware that this isn’t necessarily a good movie. It’s a deeply flawed movie that honestly had a lot stacked against it right from the start. All of that being said I really fucking enjoy it. Like I watched it opening day back in 2019 and enjoyed it. I wanted to talk about it but I wasn’t really sure what I could say about it. Everything I would see about it was negative and that just made me even less sure of what I could say about it.

I was on board as soon as I saw Neil Marshall was directing it. I was a fan of several of his previous movies, plus he directed a couple of my favorite Game of Thrones episodes. I also really liked the makeup that they showed for David Harbour as Hellboy. It gave this Hellboy distinct from the previous movies. I was a huge fan of the previous Hellboy movies, and I was excited to see a different take. The final thing that really intrigued me was when it was announced that it would be rated R.

The plot takes parts of several different Hellboy story arcs. Like the previous series they had Professor Bruttenholm, or Broom if you prefer, is still alive and a major player. This Hellboy is a much angrier one than people are used to. He also seems to be younger, which might actually play into the angrier version of him. Two of the more random people in the BPRD roster are used but I liked seeing them used. They were Alice Monaghan and Ben Daimio. Alice was changed quite a bit from the comics, which I liked because she was a weird love interest in the comics. She and Hellboy had a more paternal relationship which I liked more.

This took a deeper look into the Hellboy universe. You get to see his whole origin and how he is a descendent of King Arthur. You see more of Hellboy’s destiny than just some hints, which were hints at the same destiny but you didn’t get the Arthurian connection. Also, Lobster fuckin’ Johnson is in 2019 Hellboy. I kinda want to see a whole series of Lobster Johnson movies, but that very well might just be me.

I really think that Hellboy should get an animated TV show. I think it would work really well with shows like Harley Quinn and Invincible have made such huge impacts in animation aimed at a more mature audience. You could have so much fun with the world of Hellboy if it was done in animated form.

Hellboy 2019 is a flawed movie that I think does some thing really well, while doing other things kinda terribly. If you liked the del Toro Hellboy movies you might not like this one as much, but if you’re willing to give it a chance you might be pleasantly surprised. I was able to get it fairly cheap on 4k HDR and you can probably get it pretty cheap on whatever format you prefer. You can even get it using your preferred digital storefront.

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