Fear Street part 2: 1978

Fear Street Part 2: 1978 (2021) | Tolookat.com

I liked the second part of the Fear Street trilogy. I didn’t like it nearly as much as the first movie, but that’s probably because it was a bit slower than the previous one. That comes down to them revealing a lot more about the backstory than they worried about in the first movie. It shares the same writers and director as the previous movie. I’m pretty sure it also shares the same creative team as the next movie as well.

The plot centers around the Camp Nightwing massacre.  The main character that you follow is Ziggy Berman who is a camper. The counselors you follow are Cindy Berman, Tommy Slater, Nick Goode, and Alice. The Berman sisters are the anchor of the plot and everything that happens spreads out from them. The characters that survived from the previous movie return and their continuing story acts as a framing device with the story told to them by C. Berman. The new cast is Sadie Sink, Emily Rudd, Ryan Simpkins, McCabe Slye, Gillian Jacobs, and Ted Sutherland.

The production design is great and you get a really good feel of the summer camp and what all there is to do there. I got the feel of the summer camp I went to when I was younger, like even the door are similar from what I can remember. The costume designer knocked it out of the park because you got the feel of an older time and how different the fashion sense was then. The cg effects were kind of not great at first, like the first couple of ax kills looked kinda bad, but after that they looked great.

This has a much different feel from the first movie. It honestly had more of the feel of a franchise starting movie rather than the second movie in series. The amount of backstory that you get in the movie helps deepen what little you learn in the previous movie. I do understand why they’ve laid out the movies like this but that’s the only issue I really had with Fear Street: 1978.

If you enjoyed the previous Fear Street you’ll probably like this one. If you didn’t like the previous movie you might like this one with how different it feels. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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