The Forever Purge

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This is the first of the Purge series that I’ve seen in theaters. So this one was a lot more jump scare heavy for me, because the sound system is super loud. It continued the series ramping up of both violence and politicalness. This is the most political movie of the franchise, so my observation that the series kept getting more and more political as it continued on. It was directed by Everado Valerio Gout, who I’m not familiar with but he can direct the hell out of some action. It was written by James DeMonaco, who continues to shepherd the series along.

The plot, as per usual, centers around The Purge. It has come back because the NFFA have come back into power after the event of Election Year. After two terms by President Roan, they come to power again and reinstate their previous policies. It centers on the Tucker family, the workers on their farm, and their families. The lead is Ana de le Reguera as Adela, an illegal immigrant from Mexico. It also stars Josh Lucas as Dylan Tucker, Will Patton as Mr. Tucker, Cassidy Freeman as Cassidy Tucker, Leven Rambin as Harper Tucker, Tenoch Heurta as Juan, and Alejandra Edda as T.T. You follow most of these characters as they deal with the new version of the Purge that has come about.

The production design kicks ass like it always does in this series. There’s even more in this movie since you go the most number of places in any of the series. You get the feel of a world that is unravelling completely. The costume design might have had to do the least, since a lot of the villainous characters just have black military gear with just a little bit of flair to give them a little bit of distinction. I do have to say though the cowboy outfits that the ranch hands have look great. The masks are also fantastic, thought after a certain point in the movie you stop seeing the original masks and they become generic. The stunt team did absolutely amazing work in this. There are some crazy bumps that people take in this and I honestly don’t know how they didn’t get seriously hurt taking them

I’m going to go into some spoilery things so I’ll put up a big Spoiler header so if you dig the other movies you’ll almost certainly dig this one.


So the crazies calling it the Ever after Purge was weird to me. Like I’ve only ever heard ever after used in fairytales, which I guess for the kind of people that would do that it would be a fairytale. This movie began like the darkest timeline’s darkest timeline. I felt like The Purge: Election Year ended on a somewhat hopeful note but this beginning shot it all to hell. That being said there seems to be a small glimmer of hope at the end but with this series there’s no telling.

I saw that this was supposed to be the final one but that DeMonaco says that there might be more. If it hadn’t already been done you could tell the story of the fight for the very soul of America that would be happening after this movie’s ending. I’m putting this in the spoiler section but if you get tired of seeing people that share your beliefs as the villains in media maybe you need to actually look at your beliefs.

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