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I grew up in the 90s. Jaws was on a lot when I was growing up, like I’ve seen it like twenty times and only like once not on TV. That’s also probably why I haven’t seen it in over twenty years at least. That’s not because I don’t like it, its just because I was watching so many other things that weren’t shown on TV so often. That being said there’s not really much else I can say about it that hasn’t already been said. There are so many things that it is, like the first summer blockbuster, but I really want to talk about it. That means I’ll also talk about the copy of it that I have and watched, which is the 4k Ultra HD version. I was able to get it cheap. It was directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Carl Gottlieb and Peter Benchley, who also wrote the novel that the movie was based on.

The plot is all about the island’s economy during the summer and how the shark throws that off. The cast is centered on Pau; Scheider and police chief Martin Brody. It also stars Robert Shaw as Quint, the shark hunter, and Richard Dreyfuss as Hooper, the marine biologist. Lorrain Gary stars as Ellen Brody, who you don’t really see much. You do get to spend enough time with the Brodies and get to see how they are. Aside from those moments the only time you really get to see the characters interact with each other is the scar comparison scene.  The plot goes by quickly at first but then slows down and lets you really just stew in the terror brewing.

I’m gonna switch and talk about the edition of Jaws that I have. The picture in the 4k is amazing. The chum in the water has an amazing red in it. Hearing Quint drag his nails across the chalkboard in Dolby Atmos is horrible. It cut through every other sound in the scene. The colors are crisp and honestly look how I remembered them from when I was younger. You also get to see the shark a little bit more than you would without the crispness.

The production design was and still is fantastic. You really get the feel of an island resort town thanks to the production designer. The costume designer also did a great job. I want to point out Quint’s costume that looks great and the Mayor’s costume. The Mayor’s design is pretty spot on because he just wanted to keep everything light. The people that made the shark did just great work. They made something, that even with the issues that they faced because of it, holds up really well. It even looks great in 4k.

The movie is incredibly quotable. You can say a decent amount of lines from the movie and people will respond appropriately. That’s not even considering the theme for the movie, which is iconic and recognizable all on its own. That isn’t to take away anything from the rest of the soundtrack, which is a John Williams composed soundtrack. All of this being said really only scratches the surface of the huge impact that this movie has had. You can watch it on Peacock, its available on the paid tier as well as the free tier of the service.

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