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So I kept seeing that this was the best video game ever made, which confused me greatly because I had never heard of a video game called Werewolves Within. Turns out the reason is because the game is a VR title and I don’t fuck with VR, mostly because there’s a huge barrier to entry for me and VR just has never been that interesting to me. But back to the movie, it really might be the best video game movie, or at the very least the best one so far. It was directed by Josh Ruben and written by Mishna Wolff, which I enjoy for obvious reasons. I also want to say that this is what I imagine a game of Secret Werewolf would be like if there was a narrative element added.

I’m going to just list the cast and the names of their characters. This ensemble is just fantastic and you’ll recognize a lot of them from other things they’ve been in. It stars Sam Richardson as Finn Wheeler, Milana Vayntrub as Cecily Moore, George Basil as Marcus, Sarah Burns as Gwen, Michael Chernus as Pete Anderton, Catherine Curtin as Jeanine Sherman, Wayne Duvall as Sam Parker, Harvey Guillén as Joaquim Wolfson, Rebecca Henderson as Dr. Ellis, Cheyenne Jackson as Devon Wolfson, Michaela Watkins as Trisha Anderton, Glenn Fleshler as Emerson, Patrick M Walsh as Dave Sherman, and Ritz as Cha-Chi. I’ll talk more about performances in the spoiler section

The production and set design in this movie is great. Each house has a specific look that lets you know about who the characters are and what they like and dislike. You also get a feel of the town through the design too. The costume design kicks ass too. The costumes tell as much about the characters as the houses do.


Like seriously I’m gonna talk about the plot and spoil certain things about the movie that very well might ruin the movie for you, which I do not want to do because I want people to watch this movie.

So I thought that Cecily was the werewolf for a short time and then I was like nah they aren’t going to do that it seems so obvious. They did quite a few fakeouts and even tried to get you to think that it was Finn. The way that all of the characters interact made it seem like it could be any of them which is how to do a good whodunnit. Milana Vayntrub is great. I already thought that before this but she goes from sweet and adorable to sinister and terrifying quickly. Every single character is incredibly quirky in the movie. I feel like I can’t really do it justice but just saying a little about them.

I really want to just talk about the werewolf makeup and design. I think that this is an original design for a werewolf, I have seen quite a few werewolf movies in the past week. The makeup that’s done while Cecily is giving her speech near the end is just fantastic. The subtle changes that happen throughout whenever it cuts back to her is something else. I think that’s one of the most interesting things that are done in with the transformation.

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