CFF 2021 Wrap Up

This was an amazing first film festival to experience. While I didn’t get to catch everything that I hoped to I did catch a lot of stuff. I didn’t really head into this with anything that I wanted to see so I can’t really say I was disappointed by missing anything in particular.

I do want to list of some of the shorts that I really liked. I gave myself a page to fit everything in that I could and it is a mess.

Thin Blue Variety Show

Good Head

The Story of Dirk & Chip

Breaking Up for the Modern Girl

Still Together

My Dinner with Werner

Make A Wish

Mr. Löveländ



Game Brunch

Green Cobra

Koreatown Ghost Story


Pine Mountain Overnight


Sins of a Werewolf


The Dangerous Type

The Grave of Saint Oran

3 Men You Meet at Night

Time Again


The presentations were fantastic. Amanda Reyes’s presentation was great and worked perfectly with the movie that she presented afterwards, because she usually uses it in her presentation. Grady Hendrix did a presentation that I was lucky enough to catch that made me want to get everything that he has written so far in his career. There was also the panel called Transgressions for Everyone and it was just really cool to hear so many different filmmakers talk about what they think is or isn’t transgressive and how they use their art. I also really enjoyed the chat with Gary Sherman, or as he is known henceforth Emperor Sherman. It didn’t get past the 70s but that just means that there’s enough for at least one more chat with him.

The only film that I didn’t write a review for was Events Transpiring Before, During, and After a High School Basketball Game. I didn’t feel like I could properly write about it. I enjoyed it and thought it was really funny. I do have to say that I thought that Princess played by Penny the dog was a highlight and deserves all the treats and belly rubs, if she so chooses.

I can’t really say anything else about the movies I was able to see and I have dished out my recommendations for shorts multiple times.

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