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Broadcast Signal Intrusion


The final movie of the Chattanooga Film Fest was Broadcast Signal Intrusion. I didn’t really know anything about the movie aside from it had a kid from Glee in it. It was yet another movie that just blew me away with how good it is. It was directed by Jacob Gentry and written by Phil Drinkwater and Tim Woodall.

I want to talk about the cast first. Harry Shum Jr as James is outstanding. I’m alright with saying that I have done myself a disservice by thinking of him as only that kid from Glee. His performance throughout proves that he can be the leading man in anything and deserves to do so. I want to also point out Justin Welborn’s performance as Michael. I’ve mostly seen him as lackies in major stuff I’ve seen him in like Justified but he makes a hell of an impact in his short time on screen. His performance has made me want to see him as the main antagonist rather than a lackey.

The plot of the movie takes a cue from the Max Headroom incident from the 80s. It also takes come cue from the YouTube video I Feel Fantastic, which I will leave you to look for on your own. James investigates the titular Broadcast Signal Intrusion and isn’t prepared for where all it leads him.

I also want to make a point to talk about the score. The score is used to give you a vibe of what the story is going for. It goes from a Neo-Noire score with horns to a Giallo like score reminiscent of Goblin and it changes styles several times as the feel of the movie changes.

I know that it has a distributor in Dark Sky Films. I’m not sure when it comes out physically or on VoD but you should check it out whenever you get the chance. It’s really fucking good.

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